Success Stories

Name of the Project  : MAHATVA ” Promote Education”

Issue Addressed  :

Poverty leads  Children of Below Poverty line families  by tending  to drop out of school & later on pushing them towards Child labor (Girls & boys) to earn their bread  or Child Marriage (Girls) This issue can be addressed by creating awareness & giving the Aam Janta a Platform where the children can speak about their feelings how to overcome  & continue their studies where parents can be guided across how they can use benefits provided by Government or NGOs can take a step by getting them admission is schools at very nominal cost or Free Tie Ups & support them in providing Educational Material Support to continue their studies smoothly.

Sharda, Age 15, BALSABHA Member & Active Peer Volunteer Member

“Education gives me confidence to know which way I should go. That is why I strive so hard in my studies.” – Sharda , Age 15 , BALSABHA Member & Active Peer Volunteer

By the time she was 15, Sharda’s parents had already started to plan her marriage and forced her to drop out of school. Only when an PraveenLata Sansthan Member visited her home, she was finally able to tell her parents that she desperately wanted to return to school: .


Lakshmi, Age 13 BAL SABHA Member

“Now that my parents understand the relevance of education for the sake of our family, they are my greatest supporters to pursue my ambitions to become a Teacher.” – Lakshmi, Age 12, BALSABHA Member
Lakshmi was not only lucky, she was determined not to work as a child labour, but to fight for an education. She has made an impressive journey to become not only a student but a role model for girls