Child Welfare: To work for the need of each child to learn, grow and develop to realize their full potential

 PROJECT MAHATVA “Promote Education” 

Identifying Children who have dropped Schooling & Parents who could not afford to send their children to school. PraveenLata Sansthan is Supporting  the identified children by  sponsoring Educational Material, Fees, School Dress ,Shoes etc.

BALSABHA “Masti Ki Patshala”

Balsabhas are organized across Communities & Schools for Children with a concept to provide them a platform to open up

  1. Awarness Sessions on Various Topics ex : Safety, Speaking Skills, Career Guidance, Health & Hygiene etc,
  2. Recreational Activities
  3. Talent Hunt
  4.  Identify & Support the Children in Need

Women Empowerment: To create awareness and work for gender equality, gender justice and holistic development of women by various programs relating to women.

PROJECT JAGRITI “ Awareness Program”


Every day, when we open the newspapers there are reports of the sexual abuse of minors, Child trafficking’s, violence at homes, child labour etc. Most of these cases go unreported due to victims being too scared to speak out or aren’t aware of what to do in such a scenario. Most of the cases takes place by people known to the child and most children do not report the matter to anyone because of the shame and guilt associated with it This indicates a clear need for a program on awareness where they can get briefing on the points which should to be remembered & give them a platform to make them feel free to discuss about Child issues & their Rights.


Project Jagriti is designed to create a secure, safe and reliable environment for every child to grow develop and survive with dignity and without any discrimination or prejudice. Our main motto is to make the girls aware about how to protect themselves from all forms of abuse, negligence and exploitation & make them aware about their Rights.


The Project aims at covering the following points

  • Counselling on Child Rights & Social Issues by counsellors to create sensitization
  • Providing Tips to the Children, on “ Important Things to be Remembered”
  • Guiding them on any unwelcomed Physical, Verbal or Non Verbal Languages & Dealing with them
  • Creating enabling environment for Free Discussion to break down the barriers  & make them understand the terms of various topics
  • Guiding them on 1098/108 services designed for Childrens

 Rural & Urban Development: Promoting and implementing   entire rural and urban development activities