From Home to School Through BalSabha

From Home to School Through BalSabha

Radha (Not her real Name) 10 year Girl did not get the opportunity to go to school when she had to go to school, wanted to play with toys spend time with her friends… But for Radha life was with full of work load at home, Managing kitchen, taking care of Brother & Sister,Working in farms with her mother,Cooking food and so on. If she refused to work and asked to go to school she was beaten by her father. She was noticed during a Balsabha Activity by Volunteer of PraveenLata Sansthan and she got herself registered sharing her dreams and what she wished in her life.

It was not an easy task.When we met her mother we came to know that including Radha she had given birth to 8 kids out of which only 3 were left( 2 Girls & 1 Boy) due to financial issues and having more children she could not manage her children & lost her 5 children due to health issues. Now she can afford to send her son to school, as it was not so important for a girl to go to school.

Our team wanted Radha to go to School so managed to convince her parents after visiting her place and taking a gaurantee to take care and provide educational support to her.

Today Radha is an active member of PraveenLata Sansthan… She goes to School & support her brother and sister in their studies.